And I’m really green. I told Matt the other day that I planned to start blogging and his first question was, “What’s the name of your blog going to be?”. I thought he’d be impressed that I’d already done some legwork and secured “MattandLauraMoss” as my blog address. On the contrary: “Ha! What? You can’t have that as your blog address! It sounds boring. Think of all the blogs you follow; they all have creative names.” Turns out, there is a method.

Truth is, I don’t follow any blogs – not regularly, at least. If you’re my friend and you have a blog, please don’t take offense! Actually, tell me the name of your blog so I can follow it. I plan to start reading blogs regularly so I can keep up with all the unwritten rules (ie: You can’t just name your blog after yourself). After Matt’s advice, I went back to the drawing board and tried to come up with something catchy and creative. I racked my brain for what seemed like forever, then gave up and landed on a blog address that’s only slightly more crafty than using my first and last name.

Moss, Mossketeers, Mossimo, Better Together, Eight Days a Week
Blog address brainstorming

I don’t know all the things I’m going to write about, but I hope the things that are most important in my life will stand out: God and intentional living, my husband and daughter, my family and friends, and then other bits and pieces. I’m also hoping that I’ll be motivated to finish off some projects so I can blog about the end results!

One more thing, I’m a little disheartened to know that “MattandLauraMoss” = boring! Awesome. Thanks, Honey…