Arts and crafts earring display

Earrings artfully displayed!

This is a recent craft I completed that is not only cool looking, it’s also very functional. I had kept my earrings (and all my jewelry, for that matter), in an eyesore of a jewelry box. The unsightly jewelry case not only annoyed me because it didn’t have a real home in my room (ie, under my bed), but I also couldn’t see my jewelry. For me, jewelry is totally an out-of-sight, out-of-mind kinda deal. Thus, my earrings sat neglected. 

arts and craftsI saw something similar to this in a store. The one I copied used chicken wire behind the frame…I used loose burlap for netting because the color matched our room better and I liked the softer texture (also, it’s cheaper). You have to use something that’s pretty sturdy. Even if your earrings are light-weight, it’ll start to sag if you use a wimpy material.

arts and crafts

Up real close.

I started with a beautiful frame that I picked up at a garage sale down the street. It used to be a gaudy shade of gold and kind of beat up. Matt spray painted it a sleek gray for me. After that, I laid the burlap down on the ground and cut off a block that was big enough to cover the frame. Next I put a line of hot glue across one side of the backside of the frame. I pressed the glued side down on the burlap and held it for about 15 seconds. I worked my way around the frame one side at a time. I did this right on top of my hardwood floors, by the way, and nothing bad happened.

arts and craftsOnce it was all glued, I trimmed the access burlap off. I tugged at pieces all the way around and used more hot glue to secure any parts that weren’t totally stuck. Then was the fun part – displaying my brightest, most colorful and fun earrings! Up on my wall the finished product went.

After all was said and done, my earring display solved two problems: 1. It helped fill a blank spot above my dresser that needed some love, and 2. I’m 100% more inclined to wear earrings now that they’re out in the open where I can see them.

arts and crafts