Happy Birthday Harper

Nanny, Harper, and Grandad

Happy Birthday, Mom! Every day that goes by, I understand more and more how fortunate I am to have you as my mother. It wasn’t easy or typical how we came to be – not like most stories – but through intentional living, you and I have built a relationship that’s solid, deep and always growing. Thank you for being an example of generosity, creativity, and genuine concern for others. Thank you for making a big deal out of things – holidays, birthdays, people. You help make things special and memorable; you mark otherwise ordinary things, places, or days throughout the years using enthusiasm and extravagance. How boring our family gatherings would be if we didn’t have your knack for festivities! It’s no small thing, Mom, and I appreciate the effort (and sometimes hard work) you put into making a big deal out of us.

You open up your house for any and every one. You give gifts to friends and neighbors just because. You pray for people you know well or not at all. You and Dad led your kids to know God in a real and healthy way; there’s no greater thing you could have done for us than that. You are a good woman, a good mom, and now look how good you are at being a Nanny! Harper is one lucky girl to be the recipient of such love; you should know she’s as obsessed with you as you are with her!

So Happy Birthday, Mom! You are surrounded by friends and family who think you’re the best! We love you!