letter nMatt’s sister Shelly (and her husband Brady) are about to welcome baby Noah into the world any day now. We’re so excited to meet the new little guy…babies are so nice to have around! Recently, we had a baby shower for Shelly and part of my gift was a craft I made, inspired by something I had seen on Pinterest.

I happened upon the cool, rustic frame during a shopping trip to Ross. Next, I thumbed through scrapbook paper I had at home until I found the perfect orange patterned backdrop for the blue buttons I had also picked up at Ross.

To make the “N”, I first browsed Google images until I found a font I liked. I was attempting to print off the “n” to later trace onto plywood, but I couldn’t resize large enough. So I just eyeballed it but was happy with the slightly imperfect result.

After I had my template “n”, I traced it on plywood, but quickly realized the wood was going to be much too heavy and bulky for the frame and scrapbook paper to support. So I found some sturdy cardboard and used that instead. Worked like a charm.

letter nI painted the top of the “n” with a periwinkle blue paint and then hot glued twine around the rim to clean up the edges. Next, I laid out all of the blue buttons I had and, starting in the far left corner, hot glued them one by one as best as I could make them fit inside the template.

noah "n" orange blueI love hot glue because it dries so fast (that’s the same reason I also sometimes hate hot glue). After the buttons were secured, I cut the scrapbook paper to size and mounted the “n” on top using scrapbook sticky dots and more hot glue. I really used a lot of sticky stuff because, even using the cardboard, the letter has some weight to it with all those buttons. Finally, I popped it into the frame and then wrapped it up for Baby Noah. Really, if you have some supplies already at home (I already had scrapbook paper, hot glue, twine, sticky dots) and can find a good price on a frame and paint (you hardly need any paint!), this is a simple and inexpensive project that turns out really neat.

letter "n" orange blue