Photo a day for the next 25 days (December Photo Project)! And, not to mention, breathing new life into this blog that has been laying dormant for well over a year (listen, adding a second kid is a serious shake up). Guess what else we’re piloting at the Moss household? A homemade Advent calendar. Since there’s 25 days of that as well, I’m thinking most of my blog posts will be Advent-centric.

So, let’s do this.

Day 1: God created us for His pleasure

(I know Advent is supposed to be the anticipation of Jesus’ birth. We’ll get there. Hang with me).
Read: Genesis 1.26-31; Genesis 2.7, 21-23
Talk About: Why did God create?
                         How do you feel about the things you make that are very good?
                         How do you think God feels about you – the crown of His creation?
Family Activity: Create with Play-Doh

I wasn’t sure how these “discussion questions” would go over with Harper (3 years old). Meaning, I wasn’t sure if she’d really be very conversational. I’m sure we’ll have some chatty days and some quieter ones, but she was totally into it this evening! I may be delusional, but I think she even understood the life application. At any rate, here she is with the Play-Doh man she “created from dust.”

30 4 30 052

Also, this has nothing to do with the Advent or the photo project, but she walked into the room the other night like this (below). Matt and I busted a gut.

30 4 30 019