Matt and Harper

Harper and Papa hashing out “choice.”

If you’re doing “a photo a day”, is it against the rules to upload more than one? I’ve got five today.

Day 2: God lets us choose

Read: Genesis 3.1-6
Talk About: Why does God let us choose?
                         How would you feel if all your decisions were made for you?
                         Is giving someone a choice a way to show love?
Activity: Simon Says

This is our first year to do an Advent calendar and I’m loving it. Really helps center our focus less on the glitz of Christmas things and more on the love connection circulating between us and the heavens.

Simons says, "Make a funny face!"

Simon says, “Make a funny face!”

Simon says, "You smelled something stinky!"

Simon says, “You smelled something stinky!”

Oh, in other news, Matt turned 30 today (thus, the balloons)! Happy Birthday, Hoon!

Harper making sure he's doing it right.

Harper making sure he’s doing it right.

And we can’t forget the baby…

Papa and Cortland

Papa and Cortland