ice tree

Typically when we get a “winter storm” around here, I roll my eyes at the urgency and panic in the local (24-hour) news coverage and smugly say things to Matt like, “If only these people lived in a place where a normal winter is actually cold and blustery…”. Then Matt rolls his eyes at me for being so smug, “Just let us enjoy our storm. The roads do get bad, you know.” Okay, okay. I kind of assume that, honestly, the live-on-the-scene reporters are just happy to be using their fur-lined winter coats, which they purchased for such a time as this. Generally, if the reporter is still able to do the weather from the outdoors, there is maybe a light dusting of delicate and harmless flakes falling from the sky, making the parkas and ski masks unnecessary (you called my bluff, I’ve never seen a ski-masked weatherman…it’s not quite that bad). It’s often pretty anticlimactic when the forecast predicts snowy weather because it seems nothing ever shows up. Well, this recent ice storm was fully and legitimately wintery, complete with biting winds, freezing temperatures, and lots of ice. I drove by this magnificent tree this morning, bowing to the weight of the ice. I had to go back home and grab the camera because it was SO TOTALLY covered in icicles. It was really beautiful and kind of mysterious. The pictures don’t quite do it justice!

ice tree leaves

ice tree limbs

Good work, Texas. That was a real storm.